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One of the unique opportunities for students attending Marshall Academy of the Arts is the chance to have two elective classes in 7th and 8th grade. In addition to our performing arts classes, we offer a variety of other electives for students to explore their interests.

Electives For 7th and 8th

Intro to Art            Beginning Band
Intermediate Art   Intermediate Band
Piano   Advanced Band
Guitar   Beginning Orchestra
Music Appreciation   Advanced Orchestra
Choral Ensemble   Multimedia
Senior Chorus   Spanish
Varsity Chorus   MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement)
Creative Writing   Student Council
Intro to Computers    
Intermediate Computers    

6th Grade Electives

Six Grade students have an opportunity to explore a variety of elective classes, with their teacher or other 6th grade teachers. Six Grade electives include Drama, Beginning Computers, Cinema, and Art. Some sixth grade students also participate in 6th grade Beginning Band, Beginning Orchestra, Dance, and Chorus.