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Alyce Ohl

Dear Chorus Students,


Thank you for the incredible, fulfilling experience that we had together at Marshall. You are a bright spot in my memories. I will miss you and think of you always.


Alyce Ohl 

Welcome to the Chorus webpage!


Please check this website frequently for important dates to schedule on your calendar. The music handbook is in the locker on the left side of this page.


Boys:  Black slacks, solid white button shirt, bow tie, black socks and black dress shoes.

Girls:   Solid white button blouse (undershirt must be white) with solid black dress pants or solid black skirt (below or at knee level) and black dress shoes.

NOTE TO ALL MUSICIANS:  No denim, shorts, spaghetti straps or logo clothing.

Important Dates 2017-2018

Sept 12 – (Tues) – 5:00pm – Music Program Information Meeting in the Marshall auditorium

Nov 6 – (Mon) – 6:30pm – Music Booster meeting in room 602

Nov 27–Dec 9 – Students will be pulled from class one day to rehearse with the accompanist  for the concert

Nov 29 (Wed)

  • 5:00 pm – Junior and Intermediate Chorus Winter Concert at Millikan
  • 6:30 pm – Varsity, Senior and Vocal Ensemble Winter Concert at Millikan

Dec 6 – (Thurs) – 6:00 pm – Beginning Orchestra/Guitar Concert at Marshall

Jan 8–Mar 16 – (Mon-Fri) – 8:00-8:40am. - Musical rehearsals - Individual groups scheduled as needed

Feb 8 (Thurs) – Formal Music Pictures – All String students participate in concert attire.

Feb 9 (Fri) – Formal Music Pictures – All Chorus and Band students participate in concert attire.

Mar 7 & 8 (Wed/Thurs) - 3:30-5:30 - Musical run-through rehearsal
Mar  13 & 16 – (Tues/Fri) – Musical assemblies for elementary guests and Marshall students

Mar 15 & 16(Thurs/Fri) – 6:30pm - Evening Musical performances

March 19 – (8:30-2:00) - Beginning music field trip to Grammy Museum

May 15 (Tues) – 5:00 – Arts in the Air – combined performance and presentation by the art programs at Marshall.

May 17 – (Thurs) - Intermediate Music Students tour Segerstrom Hall and go to Knott's

May 23 (Wed) – Vocal Ensemble, Advanced Band and Advanced Orchestra attend Disney recording workshop

June 8(Thurs) – Music Celebration

June 14  (Fri) - Promotion - Vocal Ensemble sings

Marshall Academy Music Booster

Our Marshall Academy Music Booster (MAMB to those in the know) group actively supports the music program at Marshall Academy of the Arts by providing chaperones, quick access to needed funds, fundraising support, among other things.  All are welcome to become involved.


You may contact them through email at:


Disney Performing Arts Workshop
Disney Performing Arts Workshop
Our Students at the Opera
Our Students at the Opera