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Principal's Message

Dear Marshall Families,

Welcome to 2018-2019 school year at Marshall Academy of the Arts. The opportunities continue to grow with all of our wonderful families and staff. Our staff is committed to the safety and learning of all of our students. Our students are dedicated to their arts and their accelerated learning, field trips, school spirit events, multiple electives, and so much more! I encourage parents to attend as many events as possible and be involved with our school in the multiple ways possible such as becoming a Very Important Person (VIP), join the Dads of Great Students (DOGS),  and join the Parent- Teacher Association (PTA), etc.

Together we will ensure that this is the best year ever at Marshall Academy of the Arts!

Marie Hatwan

Principal's Safety Message


We wish to provide your families with a safe and joyful environment. Our main concern is to keep your children safe at all times. Please read and follow our safety procedures below.

Parking Lot Safety - Please do not drop-off or pick-up students in the parking lot. Remind your child that they may not use the parking lot entrance for any reason due to safety. We do not have supervision in the STAFF parking lot and it is most dangerous for students to be in this lot. Families, please do not use this lot until after 4:00 PM weekdays or on the weekends.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

In order for a safe and effective student drop-off and pick-up each day, please follow the procedures listed below:

1. Do not double park. If the designated pick-up or drop-off area is full, please park somewhere else or make another loop around the school.

2. Do not honk for your student. Our neighbors complain of the noise.

3. Please use crosswalks. Do not jaywalk and cross the middle of the street in dangerous traffic with your child. Please be a safe and positive role model for your child.

4.Pull your car all the way up as far as you can to the marquee in the front of the school for both Drop-off and Pick-up.

Skateboard, Bike, and Scooter Safety

1. Skateboards, bikes, and scooters may not be ridden on campus. Bikes may be walked in and out of the bike racks.Skateboards and Scooters are not allowed on campus. We allow students to carry them in and out of the bike rack to lock them up. All three items may only be ridden off campus at all times and all riders under 14 years of age need to wear a helmet.

Thank you in advance for following these procedures allowing our Drop-Off and Pick-Up of students to be smoother and safe.

Fond, Regards,

Marie Hatwan, Principal

Marie Hatwan, Principal

Marie Hatwan