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Spotlight-MESA Class

Ms. Appell's MESA Classes

Walt Disney once said, “When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” At Marshall Academy of the Arts, curious students find lots of interesting things to do in Ms. Appell’s MESA classes. MESA is an elective course that focuses on Math, Engineering and Science. Students have the opportunity to design, build and test several projects throughout the year.

In addition to other math, engineering, and science activities, students complete four main projects. The students are required to follow a packet of guidelines in order to have an eligible project. Every project goes through several phases. Phase 1 is the informative phase. They learn the science and math behind the project along with the rules and guidelines. Phase 2 is the design phase where they illustrate their plan with accurate measurements. Phase 3 is design. Phase 4 is test and retest. Phase 5 is the competition, which is the most fun.

It is exciting to watch the development of each project from phase 1 all the way to phase 5. So far our hard-working engineers have completed the Popsicle Stick Bridge and the Mousetrap Car. The Glider and Egg Drop will be their next projects for the second semester.

There is a class competition for each project. The winners of the class competition move on to the district competition. MESA Day, the district competition, is held at CSULB in late spring.

Students with model cars
Students holding model bridges
Students constructing towers
MESA logo
Student and model car
Student with model car
Students setting up model car
Student balancing a construction
Students constructing towers
Students building towers
Student with construction