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Spotlight-Art Class

Mr. Harmon's Art Classes

A seasoned stage performer was once noted as saying, "Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can." The art students at Marshall Academy of the Arts do just that in Mr. Harmon's art classes. Students in the art classes are trained to utilize proportion and scale as a means to create some larger than life collaborative works. The year long courses are grounded in traditional drawing and painting techniques whereby students can expand their visual vocabulary to give their work a current edge. Students work with various media such as: pencil, scratch board, pen and ink, charcoal, and tempera paint and create artwork in various settings to experience art both inside the studio and en plein air. Students develop critical thinking skills by participating in class critiques where they analyze their work and reflect on their practices. The goal of the courses is to instill a strong foundation of drawing and painting knowledge that a student can readily apply at the next academic level or to enhance their own artistic pursuits.

Students with chalk draw
Students creating chalk drawing
Art classroom students
Classroom students doing
Student drawing
Students drawing
Students working on art
Students creating artworks
Students doing art